Benefits of SAIL Membership

SAIL is the Sailing Association of Intermountain Lakes, and serves as the US Sailing regional governing body for the Rocky Mountain west.  Your $15 annual membership subscription gets you a discount on your US Sailing Membership ($10 discount for individuals, $5 discount for youths, $15 discount for families).   Also, SAIL receives a $10 credit ($5 for youths) for every one of our members who join and renew as part of the Partnership with US Sailing.  SAIL can use these credits to pay for ANY US Sailing training and educational program, in turn we will be able to:

  • Train more instructors, race officials and coaches
  • Present safety at sea seminars, racing rules seminars and race management seminars
  • Send attendees to leadership forums, yacht club symposiums, judges seminars
  • Offer classes on coastal cruising, offshore passage making and navigation
Access to excellence in training and education benefits every sailor in the country.  Fair and well-run races, safer waterways, skilled racers and confident cruisers all ensure a lifetime of participation and fun for every sailor. If you are currently a US Sailing member, when your US Sailing membership comes up for renewal, we hope that you will renew through the SAIL MVP Program to receive a discount on your membership and to strengthen the sailing programs at our club. If you are not a current US Sailing member, please join US Sailing through this program.  Current US Sailing members may renew at the reduced rates. As sailors, it is important to support their mission to grow the sport while at the same time expand the programs SAIL can offer locally to our members. If you are a SAIL member, to join or renew your US Sailing membership online, go to: or go to: for a membership form, complete the form and return it to US Sailing, If you are not a SAIL member go here to join SAIL.